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Dr.KAI-REN ZHENG Director   

Current Job

Director of Physical and Mental Services, Beitou Branch, Sanjun General Hospital

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Medicine, National Defense Medical College
Master of Medicine and Humanities Research, Taipei Medical University
Taipei Veterans General Hospital Photographic Psychiatry Training Physician
Researcher, Children and Adolescent Psychiatry, Songde Hospital District, Taipei City Union Hospital




Psychiatric Specialist, Taiwan Psychiatric Association
Child and adolescent psychiatrist
Attending physician of the Third Military General Hospital Beitou Branch
Member of the Taipei City Government Military Service Conscription Inspection Committee
Taipei Xinminguo Middle Consultation Physician
Ministry of Education
New Taipei City Freshwater National Consultant
North Second District Domestic violence high-risk meeting hired physician

Specialty Discipline

Mental disorders in children and adolescents: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, developmental delay, autism, Tourette's disease, adolescent depression, anxiety, refusal, academic problems, parent-child relationship consultation, etc.
General mental illness: schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social fear, etc.

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