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Dr.HUEI-NIAN YANG Indication

Dr.HUEI-NIAN YANG Indication

Current Job

Attending physician of the Third Military General Hospital Beitou Branch

Bachelor of Science

Medical College of National Defense Medical College




Sanjun General Hospital Beitou Branch Resident / Chief Physician
National Taiwan University Children and Adolescent Psychiatric Training Physician
Taipei Rongzhao Zhaoji Psychiatry Training Physician
Psychiatric Specialist, Taiwan Psychiatric Association
National Taiwan University Children and Adolescents Spiritual Research Physician
Outpatient physician of National Taiwan Children's Mental Health Center
Ministry of Education

Specialty Discipline

Children and adolescents: children with slow development, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, Asperger's disease, rejection, depression, anxiety and other emotional behaviors.
Adults: depression, insomnia, anxiety, thought disorders, depression symptoms, and other emotional distress.

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