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Dr.JIN-KUN ZENG Indication

Dr.JIN-KUN ZENG Indication

Current Job

Outpatient physician of the Third Military General Hospital Beitou Branch

Bachelor of Science

Medical College of National Defense Medical College




1. Attending physician of Cardiology Department, Songshan Branch, General Hospital of the Three Armies
2. Resident physician and chief physician of the Department of Internal Medicine, Songshan General Hospital of the National Army
3. Revitalization of Cardiology and Interventional Cardiovascular Surgery Physician and Chief Physician
4. Short-term training in interventional cardiovascular therapy at Asan medical center in Seoul, South Korea
5. Department of Internal Medicine, Taiwan Medical Association
6. Republic of China Cardiology Specialist
7. Cardiac Vascular Intervention Specialist, Chinese Heart Association
8. Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education

Specialty Discipline

Cardiac common diseases
angina pectoris
coronary heart disease
Ischemic heart disease
cardiac catheterization

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