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       In 1990, Dr. Chih-Chun Chu went to the War Memorial Children's Hospital in Cape Town and learned from Professor Sidney Cywes. Dr. Chu returned in 1991 and soon in charge of the division after Dr. Hsu left the army four months later. The technique of early stabilization of congenital diaphragmatic hernia, post-operative pain-control, esophageal reconstruction with colon interposition, laparoscopic procedures, bronchoscopic and other endoscopic procedures, and pediatric urology were introduced into this division. During this period, two pediatric surgeons, Dr. GY Diau and Dr. MC Wu have been trained at this division. Dr. Wu left for the Navy General Hospital after the two-year training course. Dr. Chu promoted as an associated professor in 1995 and Dr. Diau as a lecturer in 1997. In the same year, Dr. Diau published the first textbook of pediatric surgery in this country and then went to Cornell University for a Ph.D. degree. Dr. Chen Ke-chi joined us as a trainee. In 2000, Dr. Chao HM joined us as a resident, and Dr. Lu ZS from the Taoyuan Army General Hospital also joint us for pediatric surgical training. In the same year, the hospital moved to Neihu, and the operating room, pediatric ICU, neonatal ICU are all well equipped. 
       The Division of Pediatric Surgery is now a well-established center of pediatric surgery in Taipei Metropolis. Pediatric abdominal surgery, surgical gastroenterology, chest surgery, pediatric urology, surgery for congenital anomalies, neonatal surgery, surgical oncology are all included in our services. Recently, laparoscopic surgical procedures and other endoscopic procedures are regularly performed. We foresee a strong team working together with other surgeons and pediatricians and make this center better ever. Furthermore, we are currently conducting several clinic research projects.