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Title:Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH) reported cure rate of 92.6% for Covid-19 patients receiving care in Taiwan’s only military medical center.
Published day:2020/5/1


Covid-19 was declared a global pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, 2020, infecting more than 3 million people worldwide by the end of April, 2020. At a Ministry of National Defense (MND) press conference held to announce grand awards won by Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH) medical teams participating in the “2020 International Innovation & Invention Competition”, Dr. Chien-Sung, TSAI, Superintendent of TSGH stated that Tri-Service General Hospital is the only military medical center commanded by Medical Affairs Bureau (MAB), Ministry of National Defense. Dr. TSAI further added that whenever epidemics strike, TSGH medical staffs would spare no effort and shoulder their responsibility in the fight against the contagious common enemies of humankind. TSGH medical teams have completed all required preparedness adequately to any challenges posed by infectious diseases, per SOPs established by Taiwan CDC, MND, and other government agencies. Dr. TSAI further elaborated that TSGH is designated by Ministry of Health and Welfare as one of the primary health institutions to receive, admit, and care Covid-19 patients in Taiwan. “Since Covid-19 outbreak was first reported in Wuhan, China, TSGH has received and admitted Covid-19 patients, regardless whether or not they mild cases or severe cases.” explained professor TSAI. As of the time when MND press conference was held, the cure rate for all Covid-19 patients received and cared by TSGH stood at a very impressive 92.6%.

Superintendent TSAI added that during the early days of Covid-19 response, TSGH was equipped with 20 negative pressure isolation beds, Among the 20 negative pressure isolation beds, 8 were intensive care beds to receive and treat patients with more severe conditions, while the remaining 12 beds were used to perform screening suspected Covid-19 cased and to admit patients found to have contracted the contagious disease. When more imported Covid-19 cases posed even more challenges to Taiwan’s epidemic response effort as more overseas travelers and students returned back to Taiwan, TSGH has further expanded its treatment capacity by adding 41 isolation bed to perform screening and treatment for Covid-19 patients. Emergency Department of TSGH also has 2 negative pressure isolation beds for observing and monitoring ER patients.

To prevent any potential opportunity of in-hospital spread of Covid-19 diseases among different facilities, departments, or buildings within TSGH and to enhance treatment outcomes for the admitted Covid-19 patients, all lab exams, abdominal ultrasound, cardio echo, and image exam such as X-ray were performed within the designated isolation wards within TSGH, with all necessary medical equipment sets relocated into the designated isolation wards. Since vaccines and viable therapeutic medications are still unavailable for Covid-19, TSGH medical teams will convene Covid-19 preparedness meeting on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to review the military medical center’s epidemic response policies and practices. In response to the ever-changing epidemic situations, TSGH medical staffs have adopted a comprehensive response mechanism, covering all phases of their effort from preparedness, response, resupply, and replenishment. Aside from the tireless effort by clinical staffs, all administrative staffs were also mobilized to communicate with patients’ family members to ensure their loved ones will receive best possible care while in TSGH, from the moment these patients were screened, to their in-hospital treatment and their discharge from hospital after recovery.


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