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Title:The Tingjhou Branch of the Tri-Service General Hospital is providing Hospital Ward Beds (Integrative Medicine)
Published day:2022/10/8

The need for hospitalization increases with the aging population, particularly for patients with acute diseases. By leveraging "integrative medicine" and the need for "triage after admission", the Tingjhou Branch of the Tri-Service General Hospital officially established a Hospital Ward Beds (Integrative Medicine) program on 5 October 2022. Our professional medical team consisting of doctors and nurses will provide comprehensive medical treatment and care for our patients by using advanced medical technology and equipment.

Patients suffering from acute diseases must be admitted to the hospital through the Emergency Room. Please call the 24/7 consultation hotline at (02)2365-9055 ext. 11306~11308 to contact the Emergency Medicine Department of the Tri-Service General Hospital, Tingjhou Branch.