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Title:Title:Tri-Service General Hospital Establishes “Integrated Post-Covid-19 Outpatient Clinic”, Providing Comprehensive and Holistic Healthcare Services for Convalescing Covid-19 Patients.
Published day:2022/2/7

Domestic Covid-19 epidemic situation in Taiwan has been relatively stable recently. However, since in-island Covid-19 outbreaks in May 2021, the total accumulated Covid-19 cases have reached 16,000 in Taiwan, with a large percentage of convalescent Covid-19 patients still suffering from complications associated with Covid-19. According to “Guidelines for Convalescent Patients Recovering from Covid-19” published by Taiwan CDC, close to 10 percent of patients recovering from acute stage of Covid-19 disease still suffer from Covid-19 related symptoms including fatigue, difficulty in breathing, insomnia, dysosmia (disorder of smell), anxiety, persistent coughing, allotriogeusia (abnormal taste), and depression. The abovementioned symptoms may still persist 3 months after a patient was infected with Covid-19 virus and those complications may negatively impact Covid-19 patients’ quality of life as well as daily physical activities.

Starting from Oct. 20th, 2021, TSGH established the “Integrated Outpatient Clinic for Patients Convalescing from Covid-19 Disease” in the morning session on every Wednesday in Neihu Main Hospital of TSGH. The integrated outpatient clinic was established by bringing together medical experts and specialist from TSGH’s Family and Community Medicine Division, Thoracic Medicine Division, Rehabilitative Medicine Division, Psychiatry Division, Infectious Disease Division, Nutrition Consulting Division, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Division, aimed at providing comprehensive and holistic healthcare services, including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, integrated physiologic and psychological evaluation, rehabilitative therapy. By brining medical specialists together from different medical disciplines, TSGH confidently and sincerely hopes that the “Integrated Outpatient Clinic for Patients Convalescing from Covid-19 Disease” will help Covid-19 patients return back to normal life as soon as possible.