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Title:The "Stereotactic Radiosurgery System Center" was officially launched after the recently upgraded.
Published day:2019/9/1

~ ELEKTA Versa HD + BrainLab, a new radiotherapy facility in our hospital.

The Stereotactic Radiosurgery System Center was upgraded on August 2nd, 2019, and a new radiotherapy facility, ELEKTA Versa HD + BrainLab was installed in the radiation oncology department to provide more accurate and precise treatment for patients.

1.Image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) : position correction before treatment is carried out by three-dimensional image, so as to ensure that the radiation is accurately focused on the lesion and kill the cancer cells.

ELEKTA Versa HD has the following advantages:

2.Agility multi-blade collimator: with a width of 5 mm, it moves rapidly to transform the radiation field and provide conformal treatment to the tumor. Thus, we can treat the irregular tumors precisely while sparing neighboring normal tissue.

3.Six-axis correction bed: in addition to providing three-axis (x,y,z) correction, it can also correct the deviation of three-axis rotation (pitch,roll,yaw) and strictly monitor the changes of tumor location in the body.

4.Combination with active breathing coordinator; (ABC): for tumors in the thorax, abdomen or near the diaphragm, a respiratory regulatory device is used to detect the patient's breathing status and assist the patient to hold breath when receiving radiation therapy, so as to reduce the uncertainty caused by breathing.

Also combined with Germany brain radiation navigation system (BrainLab ExacTrac).

Radiosurgery is the most sophisticated radiotherapy for the brain tumors. The positioning error would be detected by infrared device, and the X-ray imaging devices will feed back the error to the six-axis correction bed for correction. Therefore, for patients with intracranial tumors, the dual correction of infrared ray and X-ray can provide a rapid and painless treatment, and physicians can give higher dose to the tumor with protection to the normal organ, so as to achieve the better prognosis for patients.