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Title:Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH) partnered with BIONET Corporation, industry leader in stem cell and cellular therapy R&D in Taiwan, aiming to usher in a “New Era of Cell Therapy”. With the latest medical solutions jointly developed by both parties, TSGH medical team successfully treated and healed difficult wounds, troubling a diabetes patient for more than 2 years, within 3 months.
Published day:2020/7/20


“Adopting cellular therapy techniques and solutions, TSGH and BIONET Corporation jointly achieved remarkable treatment outcome within a short duration of 3 months for a diabetes patient with difficult wounds which consistently troubled the patient and failed to heal for as long as 2 years.” A 54-year-old patient surnamed LEE has been troubled by diabetes for more than 2 decades, with his left toe partially amputated because of diabetes. Since Mr. LEE’s wounds failed to adequately heal for as long as 2 years, he could not leave home without binding his feet with wound dressings first. Even with wound dressings binding, Mr. LEE could not tolerate standing for long or lifting heavy objects. Even worse, because of the difficult wounds as a result of diabetes, Mr. LEE even lost his job as a chef. Mr. LEE was referred to Dr. Niann-Tzyy, DAI, Director of Surgery Department, TSGH for treatment and has received autologous cell therapy under a clinical trial regime sponsored by BIONET Corporation. After receiving the autologous cell therapy by TSGH medical team, Mr. LEE’s difficult wounds have completely healed without recurrence for more than one year, a very encouraging achievement for patients, clinicians, and medical researchers.

To proactively support national health policy as stipulated in “Administrative Measures for the Implementation or Use of Specific Medical Technology and Inspection, Diagnostic or Medical Devices” promulgated by Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW), Tri-Service General Hospital and BIONET Corporation joined hands in initiating the difficult wounds cellular therapy program for patients with chronic or difficult wounds that failed to heal properly for 6 weeks after conventional treatment, by adopting the “autologous adipose derived mesenchymal stem cell” medical solutions. The wound-care cell therapy program jointly initiated by TSGH and BIONET Corporation is the first of its kind in Taiwan and the only therapy program approved by Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) and subsequently categorized as a cell therapy program which may routinely enroll eligible patients for treatment. By combining conventional surgery and cutting-edge cellular therapy technology, TSGH’s difficult wound cellular therapy program on the one hand can care for the 2-million diabetes patients in Taiwan but also provide comprehensive wound care for armed forces members with traumatic injuries on the other hand, a landmark development in terms of holistic wound care.

Dr. DAI, TSGH’s Director of Surgery Department, stated that: “It’s usually a very suffering experience for patients undergoing conventional chronic wound treatment processes, especially for skin harvesting and skin grafting.” “Autologous cell therapy may be applied to treat patients with difficult wounds on multiple treatment courses and in turn significantly reduce the required procedures for surgeries and decrease the depth of general anesthesia administered to patients undergoing surgery. Furthermore, autologous cell therapy carries additional benefits of rejection-free transplant and significantly reduced occurrence of allergic reactions for patients, making autologous cell therapy wound care a state-of-the-art medical treatment option for patients with troubling chronic wounds or difficult wounds.” Dr. DAI further noted that: “It’s especially important that autologous adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells may differentiate to become part of patient’s skin cells and subsequently help activate residual tissue cells adjacent to the wounds and in turn facilitate regeneration of cell and blood vessels and expedite the wound healing processes, and further boost/regulate patient’s immunity.” “In case TSGH medical staffs need to treat large-size total body surface area (TBSA) burn patients in the future, the latest autologous cellular therapy technology can then be applied to achieve the best possible treatment outcome for those patients with severe burn.”



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