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Title:Aiming to Push Forward A “Regenerative Medicine Industry Chain” in Taiwan, Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH) Joins Hands with Caire-Biotech, Strategic Alliance Partner of Taiwan’s Only Military Medical Center, to Jointly Create a Cell Therapy Lab of National and International Caliber.
Published day:2020/7/22


Regenerative medicine and AI-enabled intelligent healthcare is a vital trend for clinical treatment in the future. In order to support regeneration medicine policies promulgated and implemented by Taiwan government, Tri-Service General Hospital has planned and established a cellular and biological R&D platform of national and international caliber, aimed at providing a high quality, adequate, and comfortable cell therapy environment for patients seeking care in the Taipei-based military medical center in Taiwan. TSGH further on July 22, 2020 signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Cell Therapy R&D Cooperation and entered into contractual agreement for Ting-Jhou Branch Rejuvenation Project with Caire-Biotech. With the inking of abovementioned MoU and Ting-Jhou Branch Rejuvenation Contract, TSGH and Caire-Biotech will join hands with each other in planning, establishing, and operating an inter-discipline biotech-medical industry professional platform of national and international caliber. Ting-Jhou Rejuvenation Cooperative Project will involve retrofitting hospital ward areas of close to 1,000 pings of Ting-Jhou Branch, TSGH and transforming the branch hospital into both a production center and a treatment center for cell therapy so as to provide best quality cutting-edge healthcare services to patients seeking care.

Under the guidance and support of Medical Affairs Bureau (MAB), Tri-Service General Hospital established Taiwan’s first “Cell Therapy Center” in the Taipei-based military medical center by bringing together clinical expertise of TSGH medical teams and cutting-edge cell therapy technologies on the one hand and overcoming barriers imposed by conventional and legacy medical technologies on the other hand. The rejuvenation project between TSGH and Caire-Biotech will create a cell therapy lab of national and international caliber by retrofitting hospital space close to 1,000 pings of Ting-Jhou Branch Hospital’s 10th and 11th floors. Aside from the cell therapy lab, the rejuvenation project will also establish a regenerative medicine treatment platform, a cell therapy pharmaceutical preparation and manufacturing center, and an inter-discipline clinical treatment center within Ting-Jhou Branch of TSGH. The rejuvenation project will also revitalize real estate asset of Ting-Jhou Branch and further provide more safe treatment options for patients seeking care.



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