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Title:Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Published day:2019/3/13


Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Beitou Branch, Sanjun General Hospital, Yang Liguang

Since he finished his military service, Mr. A has been engaged in business work. He did not like to sit in the office for a long time. The nature of his business work just fits the personality of Mr. A. Later, at the request of the mother, Mr. A tried hard to enter the financial industry. Every day, he began to work with a lot of figures. It was easy to be careless. After a few months of work, the mistakes of big and small were repeated one after another. Work adapts more and more difficult...

Students who are studying often hear parents or teachers report symptoms of lack of attention. Some cases with obvious symptoms are brought to the psychiatric department of children and adolescents. After the assessment, some may be diagnosed as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ( Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but after growing up, will there be insufficient attention?
The United States has conducted a study on mental epidemiology in 2006, accounting for 4% of the population with adult ADHD. These small cases will have symptoms such as difficulty in focusing on details, inattention, inability to comply with instructions, poor organizational skills, easy escape from delays, forgetfulness, and lack of attention. Some of them may not be able to sit still and cannot Quiet activities, answering questions, words, and impatience such as excessive/impulsive symptoms. When you grow up, the symptoms of overactivity/impulsiveness may gradually improve, but more than half of the people continue to have symptoms of lack of attention. When life work exceeds the level of attention, the impact of symptoms on life will gradually It was revealed that, as mentioned in the previous section, Mr. A, after the conversion of the work track, the work adaptation began to have problems.

The impact of adult ADHD on life is multi-faceted, mainly because it is easy to make self-esteem frustrated because of such traits in the process of growing up, or it is easier to receive negative news from outside, and it is easy to produce depression, anxiety and other spirits. The comorbidity of the disease, low academic achievement, poor social and occupational function, and impulsiveness are also prone to car accidents, accidents, unmarried pregnancy, or substance abuse. Incoming brain science research has also found that the structure or operation of the brain nervous system in such cases is significantly different from that of the average person, such as poor executive function, poor impulse suppression, working memory and planning ability. Good, bad sense of time, etc. At present, the treatment of adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is similar to that of children, requiring multi-faceted intervention, including drug and behavioral therapy. The first line of drugs is still mainly central nervous stimulants, and its main side effects may be loss of appetite, insomnia, headache, abdominal pain, etc., but under the appropriate adjustment of the doctor, it is a safe and effective treatment; behavioral treatment part Mainly to help the case to develop good study and work habits, reduce external unnecessary stimulation, do not overuse 3C products, adequate sleep and exercise habits, balanced diet, will have a significant benefit to improve symptoms.

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