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Title:Baby is sick, who should I blame?
Published day:2019/3/14



The general psychology department of the Three General Beitou Branch, Lai Shihua, had just finished the game. She was not happy because I was still happy. I saw the phone call from my family and picked up and said, "Dad, I told you, I just took the children. Looking at the cold, after the result was checked, the doctor said that he did not seem to touch her door. He told me that he suggested that we go to the big hospital to check immediately and see how it is. He also said that this part I didn't see any previous health checkups. I told him that the previous doctors didn't say anything, and we thought everything was fine." My wife said at the other end with deliberately suppressing her own police and fear.


I immediately slammed my head, and suddenly the whole body was numb, and the voice of the conversation began to become a little trembling. I asked, what should I do next? "I just checked the information and hung up the neurology. I will have a consultation tomorrow. I have already taken a good vacation. I will take him to see a doctor. You will not have to come back from a business trip tomorrow. I will continue to work." The other side of the phone came with such a message. I was sitting next to the stadium. Chair, I don’t know how long I have been in a daze, I feel my own rising emotions, the tension, fear, anxiety, anxiety, and quietness begin to appear anger, the body begins to cool down due to excessive tension, the hand begins to calm, breathing changes Slow, eyes are slowly becoming sharp, there is a way to rush out to attack feelings at any time, suddenly I tell myself that when I am not feeling the physical and emotional state, I have to explain the work first, immediately Going home, walking on the highway, the throttle slowly stepped on with the rush of the mood, and the lights on both sides seemed to remind me what to do. I began to think about these journeys. How many inspections have been made since the child was born, and there are several medical personnel who have contacted the children. Why are these people not seeing them, or they can’t tell, I am one by one. The names of these medical staff and the face gradually converge, and there are many quite malicious thoughts in the head to estimate the purpose and hand of their work.

Duan, slowly I began to hate them, until I suddenly saw the speed limit sign next to me, I looked down at my speedometer, the pointer was fixed at 100 km, and slowly my heart seemed to At this rate, I began to think about the part of stress related to health psychology.


It is an acute pressure for a child to become ill. I don't think there is any strategy that can be solved in this moment, so I can only do emotional reactions to myself. For those angry, anxious, restless, and scared people who run out, I have to find an exit, so I will target the medical staff who have been in contact with the children, and I have forgotten that I am also a member of this group. It seems that if I blame them, I can make myself comfortable. I don't have to face the original child who is inheriting my genes. In fact, a large part of these things are caused by my own factors.


When I think of it, I suddenly have a feeling of sudden realization. I also want to find a way out of my responsibility from the way of attacking others. Although this will not improve the real state, it will make myself feel better, but Is it really? With this discovery, I began to try to tell myself that no matter what, all the medical practitioners have tried their best. They have shown in the process of assisting us, those who are serious, hard working and seeing the cases and their families. Their care for people, a passion for medical work, I thought of it, I decided to let go of myself and put down my grievances. I began to thank the medical staff who had helped me because of their gratitude. Because of them, children At each stage, there is quite a professional and caring medical staff, and because of this, he was diagnosed with the possibility of early closing at this stage, and because of this, I solved the speed limit and let the mood As the throttle slowly descended, I knew that I had some other energy and space to face tomorrow's inspection.

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