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Title:Stress life, Dynamic balance
Published day:2019/1/28



Psychology Department Lin Kunyuan Chen Junjian Yang Rutai

It is often said that modern people are under great pressure. Frankly speaking, "stress" is a part of life that must be faced in the world. Imagine life experience from small to large. When the school is going home to face parents, graduates must graduate. When I am looking for a job, staying up late to prepare information before the meeting, facing the seniors at work, and explaining how to tell my husband/wife after the anniversary of the department store, etc., "stress" is everywhere, and our life can be called Stress life!

There are quite a lot of sources of stress. In general life, not only negative events will bring us pressure. In fact, even good things in the general public's cognition, such as marriage, childbirth, and new home, are not small for everyone. Pressure, people who have already experienced marriage must understand how to prepare for the wedding, but it is obviously a happy event, why is there pressure? Because one of the definitions of stress is that there are more than one external pressure source.

The range of physical capacity load, marriage is a kind of life change, let the bride and groom leave the original life comfort circle into the new life constructed by the two, this change will make the individual need to re-adjust, and therefore will have a little pressure, Generally speaking, people can improve their performance and ability to solve under moderate pressure. Therefore, the changes in life caused by marriage will gradually stabilize after a period of intensive, but when the newlyweds continue to work hard, they will also consume their energy. Problems can also be a source of stress.


In a short period of time, it may not be obvious to see what effect it has, but if it is accumulated for a long time and cannot be properly improved, it may cause many physical and mental discomforts. In addition to the body may feel tired, tight and the gastrointestinal tract begins to appear, it may also affect the adjustment of emotions causing interpersonal problems or large problems in work performance.

Psychiatric outpatient clinic


Stress affects our lives so much. Can you detect that you are under stress?


Generally speaking, the pressure comes mainly from the following three points:


First, urgent and important events that must be handled at present.

Second, we must get used to the sudden and substantial changes.

Third, I feel unknown or unable to grasp what is going to happen.


And when we can feel that we are under a stressful situation and can identify what the source of stress is, how can we further adjust it?


First, try to choose the appropriate method used in the past to make your body and mind relax.

Second, try to find relevant information (ex: books and web pages related to stress adjustment) and try to practice adjustments.

Third, seek professional staff to discuss the source of stress and make appropriate adjustments to the pressure source to develop appropriate plans.


I feel that I am under great pressure in my life, but I don’t know why, and I don’t know how to make adjustments and improvements.

Please contact us to create a good quality of life!


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