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Title:When mom, learn to be better for yourself!
Published day:2019/4/18


When mom, learn to be better for yourself!

Psychology Department Director Lin Chunzhu

"Oh, man, it’s not going to be, when mom wants to be more patient...", "Hey... doing these is the basic trick! Moms shouldn’t it be like this?", "Wow... it’s good, you don’t have to Going to work, giving the husband a raise, and the children are all awkward, it’s really easy!” No matter how advanced the times are, such whispers and opinions will always be filled with us as mothers, as if we should always do it, always do it. Not good enough, but not good enough, self-esteem depends on Mr. Lai's praise, and others' evaluation. However, when the night is quiet, in the midst of physical fatigue, I will continue to ask myself, why is this really done, is it really not worth it?
"Yes, it's not worth it... It's not good enough... It's not worthy of being praised... It's just like doing this...", when this is repeated in the brain, it is accompanied by inner grievances, anger, and The low self-worth not only affects the interaction of the parents, but also lays an unexploded bomb on the relationship.

Once upon a time, we should stop and take a good look at ourselves. The hands that are used for family work, the care of the child can not straighten the waist, return to their own body, take a good sense of our own state, consciously take care of Our own physical state. During my parental leave, I picked up the superiority of the whole family from one shoulder and found that I was very good as a housewife. I thought I could take care of the two children and the whole family and get the world, but found that I lost the most. It is my care and awareness of myself, but I have accumulated resentment against the other half. After returning to work, in the process of working with the cases (mothers), we will also find that as a woman, still under the Chinese culture, there are many unwritten rules and requirements, and we must bear too many responsibilities. "Maybe it's a good time to let go..." Because ignoring personal health leads to my hands being weak, but it's also a good opportunity to redistribute responsibility, allowing partners to face up to the problem and return housework and parenting to a balance. Point, so I began to actively rehabilitate, maintain personal health, and look for opportunities to rest and relax.
I have found that as the mother, the biggest gift, besides seeing the healthy growth of the child, is to learn how to take care of yourself and give yourself reasonable treatment and pity!


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