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◎Surgery Department

The current Department of Surgery consists of ten subdivisions including: General Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, ColonoRectal Surgery, Plastic & Reconstruction Surgery, Burn Center, Urological Surgery, Chest Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Trauma, and Laboratory. All past supervisors have advocated residence training, the completion of practical experience, intern evaluations, surgical equipment quality control committee, and Department of Surgery thesis scholarships. In addition, there are training classes for interested doctors to perform lab research, and for residents to practice surgical skills. Ever since its establishment in 1949 by Dr. Xian-Lin, Chang, theDepartment of Surgery of this hospital has played an important role in the development of medicine in our country. Dr. Guang-Huan, Sun took over as Supervisor of the Department of Surgery of this hospital in 2004, and led this hospital in pioneering robotic surgery in November 2004, which marked a major milestone in Taiwan’s medical history.Dr. De-Chuan Chan, Director of the Division of General Surgery took over the National Defense Medical Center of Surgical Medicine and Department of Surgery in 2016, and has endeavored to uphold the fine traditions of this hospital as well as help it flourish. He has exceled in three goals related to teaching, research and clinical services, and actively works to develop the expertise and strengths of each subdivision and nurturing clinical instructors.