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The Department of Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, one of the best in its field, has its history traced back to 1949 when the National Defense Medical Center moved to Taipei, Taiwan. Dr. Wang LD was the first Chairmen of the department in the teaching hospital of the medical center from 1949 to 1958. His successors include Drs. Fang LJ, Liu JP, Su WY, Chen SL, Lin JK, and Wang HW. Currently, Dr. Lin Yaoh-Shiang is the Chairmen. In 2000, the teaching hospital, Tri-Service General Hospital, has moved from Ding-Chow area to Neihu District. The department continues to offer evaluations and managements of otology, audiology, otoneurology, rhinology, laryngology, voice disorders, and head and neck surgery.

Our department offers clinical advancements in microscopic ear surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery, management of vocal fold paresis and paralysis, multidisciplinary management of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, head and neck tumor and versatile laser surgery. Recently, we have invested much time and energy in developing procedures for cranial base surgery, endoscopic dacryocyctorhinotomy, rhinoplasty, surgical management of facial paralysis, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, retraining therapy for tinnitus, rehabilitation treatment of vertigo, and management of recurrent laryngeal injury. The “Medical Cosmetic Center” and “Sleep Center” will be built in the hospital shortly and we will utilize both centers to perform facial plastic reconstruction, such as rhinoplasty or facial reanimation and surgical treatment of sleep apnea. Patients are all well taken care of in the department.

In addition to clinical services, the department has teaching responsibilities for medical students and provide clinical training for interns and residents, especially those for ENT specialty training. The department is also full of research activities. Most staff members receive research grants from the Hospital and/or the National Science Council. Both basic and clinical researches are being actively conducted

Although already ranked among the top ones in its field, the department will do its best to improve the quality of its medical services by continually increasing the professional abilities of the staffs and renewing the medical equipments. An ever better department is the goal of all staff members.