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The Division of Hematology and its associated laboratory were established in 1953. The Division of Oncology was established in 1986. Each director had upgraded the methods and equipments of the clinical laboratory and established the latest diagnostic tools and treatment of blood disorders and cancers. With respect to research and teaching, we have published many articles in SCI journals and provided medical education via problem-oriented methods for staffs and post-graduate general medical doctors. Chemotherapy can be delivered on outpatients clinic basis. For cancer diagnosis, cytology, immunocytochemistry and immunophenotyping by flowcytometry, cytogenetic and molecular diagnosis have been developed. For cancer treatment, protocols are executed constantly for various cancers. Many clinical trials combined with therapeutical modalities (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy) are performed. We have also cooperated with Academia Sinica and the National Health Research Institute (NHRI). The hospice ward named the “Tranquil Ward” was set up on January 19th, 2000 and provides special care for terminal stage patients. Furthermore, we developed the technique of autologous (allogeneic) hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for the treatment of various hematological disorders and malignant diseases. We are also engaged in the treatment of bleeding and thrombosis disorders. The Hemophilia Treatment and Research Center (HTRC) was established on September 17th, 2003 , which is one of the advanced hemophilia centers in Taiwan and Asia, provides comprehensive care for hemophilia patients.

    Currently, we have 8 attending physicians, 3 resident physicians, 6 medical technologists, 1 specialist oncology nurse, 1 secretary, 8 clinical research assistants and 4 physician assistants.

    We will continue to devote ourselves in basic and clinical research by participating in both domestic and international clinical trials, cooperating with other institutions and developing comprehensive molecular diagnostic methods in order to provide the highest quality of medical care for our patients.

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