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Division of Gastroenterology

    The Division of Gastroenterology is recognized by the Gastrointestinal Society of Taiwan as having the ability to train gastroenterologic specialists. In response to clinical works and medical research in this area, we have established the Digestive Endoscopy Center, the Abdominal Ultrasonography Room and the Hepatobiliary Pathophysiology Laboratory Rooms.

    Our division provides a range of endoscopic examinations, which include upper gastrointestinal panendoscopyalso pediatric panendoscopy, small intestinal fiberoscopy, colonofiberoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, peritoneoscopy, ERCP, and mother-baby scope in conjunction with the use of new endoscopic therapeutic techniques i.e. rubber band esophageal varices ligation, endoscopic nasobiliary drainage, endoscopic ampullary sphrincerotomy etc., providing with modern therapeutic techniques. Aside from the conventional abdominal ultrasonography, our division is one of the medical centers in the country equipped with endoscopic ultrasounds that provide better and more precise diagnosis.

    In addition, we also provide the Nd-YAG laser instrumentation for laser therapy, gastrointestinal motility and pressure determination, laser doppler blood flow manometry and detection of Helicobacter pyloriincluding rapid urease test and C-13 Urea breath test. All these techniques are considered the latest useful parameters for gastrointestinal pathophysiology, detecting gastrointestinal functional disorders with more precise diagnosis and treatment. Through the detection for hepatitis B virus DNA, hepatitis C virus RNA, determination for type A, B, C, D, E hepatitis antigens, antibodies and the cooperation with our toxicological center, all cases of viral and drug induced hepatitis can be rapidly diagnosed.