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The Department of Family medicine emphasizes on the integration of biological, psychological and social aspects of caring, prevention medicine and community-oriented primary care under comprehensive and continuous services. Our institute established the Department of Family Medicine in 1987 in order to strengthen clinic services, carry out the medical network plan, actively cooperate with other medical centers, as well as to cultivate general practitioners and promote family medicine.

Our Clinical Service:
1. Outpatient department service: We provide the best patient services, including medical services, transferring patients, and tracking special cases. We also provide travel medicine, smoking cessation and integrated geriatric clinic services.
2. Health examination: We provide health checks for adults, the elderly and workers, premarital health checks, self-paid extensive health checks, company employee health checks and others.
3. Primary health care: We partner with community health care groups and participate in primary care work.
4. Home nursing care: We provide home nursing care services.
5. Discharge preparation service: We do the preparation work for patient discharge and transfer from the hospital to home or to other facilities.
6. Community health promotion: We promote community medical care, vaccination, and sanitation.
7. Prevention and treatment of occupational diseases: We provide staff examinations and the tracking of special cases. In addition, we provide occupational medicine clinics for patients

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