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  The Department of Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine in the Tri-Service General Hospital is the medical organization to study undersea and hyperbaric medicine in Taiwan. This department was set up in 1998 because of the rapid increase of people diving and hyperbaric workers facing specific health and safety problems.

  The medical application, using hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO2) treatment in compression chambers for medical illness, is still in its initial stage and needs in-depth scientific studies. All faculty in this department are practicing not only in hyperbaric medicine but are trained in related basic sciences as well as in related clinical practice. In addition, the department is set up to improve treatment and research of hyperbaric medicine and seeks to enhance the safety of working in hyperbaric environment. The department also supports the graduate teaching in the National Defense Medical Center, via providing health consultation for treatment of diseases and for managing people working in a hyperbaric environment. The department is closely linked with other medical organizations and hyperbaric institutes to extend our scientific research and clinical application.

  Our missions:
  1. Provide scientific information and medical consultation to protect the health of sport, military and commercial divers in Taiwan.
  2. Improve the scientific basis of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and provide standard treatment to the indicated patients.
  3. Provide training course on hyperbaric medicine to health care providers.
  4. Investigating new applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and providing the clinical evidences.

  Our visions:
  1. The TSGH is a medical center with the ability to treat the diving-related diseases and train the medical personel who can manage the diving-related diseases.
  2. All acute diving-related disease will be cured without any delayed sequelae.
  3. Any patient with disease indicated for hyperbaric oxygen therapy will receive adequate treatment protocol.

三軍總醫院高壓氧治療中心 電話:(02) 8792-7249 地址:台北市內湖區成功路二段325號