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    The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology consists of five divisions. The obstetrics division provides general obstetric care and intensive service for the patients with high - risk problems. It also provides services of prenatal diagnosis and genetic counseling. The reproductive endocrinology division solves the problems of infertility and endocrinology. Modern techniques including in - vitro fertilization / embryo transfer, gamete intrafallopian transfer ( GIFT ) are applied. Gynecology oncology division stresses an accurate diagnostic evaluation and an optimal treatment tailored with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer patients. The family planning division emphasizes a planned conception schedule and offers safe and reliable methods of contraception and sterilization. The remaining problems of gynecology, which include structural / functional disturbances of female genital organs, infections diseases, ectopic pregnancies, abortions, sexuality and trauma, etc., are covered by the general gynecology division. In addition to the aforementioned services, all divisions participate in the activities of teaching and research work with their own specialities.

    Research topics specially interested include oncogene, multi - drug resistant gene, oviduct transplantation, infertility, fetal cytogenetics, embryo tissue culture, gestational hypertension and recurrent abortion.

Clinic of Out Patient Department: No. 141~150 Clinical Consulting Room, Firstfloor 
Ultrasonic Room of Out Patient Department: No. 141 Clinical Consulting Room, Firstfloor
Emergency Room: Forstfloor Emergency Room. 
3D-Ultrasonic Room: 5th Floor
Laboring Room : 5th Floor.
Gynecological Oncology Laboratory: 5th Floor
Prenatal Diagnosis Room: 5th Floor 
Reproductory Medicine Room: 5th Room
Infertility Consulting Special Service Line: 886-2-87923311 ext 10081 
Prenatal Diagnosis Special Service Line: 886-2- 8792-3311 ext 10082
Department of Gyncology and Obstetrics Office: 5th floor
Office Line: 886-2-8792-7205 FAX: 886-2-8792-7207
NeiHu: No.325, Sec.2, ChengKung Rd.,NeiHu, Taipei City
Tin-Chou: Basement B03, No.40, Tin-Chou Rd, Taipei City
Tri-Service General Operator: 886-2-8792-3311