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The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (DPMR) at the Tri-service General Hospital (TSGH) is one of the qualified national training institutes for specialist of physician of rehabilitation medicine physiotherapist, occupational therapist and speech therapist.

The main missions of this institute are teaching, research and service in the field of rehabilitation medicine.

Physicians in DPMR are responsible for making an accurate diagnosis and prescribing the rehabilitative orders to direct therapists to set up the therapeutic goals.

In DPMR the physicians also operate the electromyography nerve conduction velocity and soft tissue sonography to make accurate diagnosis.

The therapists in DPMR are all well-trained and qualified by the national examinations for the subspecialty of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy respectively.

Here in DPMR, we offer the rehabilitation for handicaps or functional disturbances cause by neurological, muscular, skeletal, rheumatic and cardiopulmonary diseases.

We also accumulated well-recognized experiences in treating speech problems in children such as articulation disorder, delayed language development, stutter etc.

the DPMR at TSGH plays an active role in facilitating the recovery of functions of all inpatients and outpatients and become a necessary part of the whole medicine environment.

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