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Physical therapy
Musculoskeletal system Low back pain、TMJ syndrome、Nuchal pain、 Heel pain、Sciatica、Spur formation、 muscle strain 、Myofascial pain syndrome、tennis elbow、Trigger finger、(wrist、shoulder、elbow、knee、ankle) tendon sprain or inflammation、sport injury、Frozen shoulder、(lumbar、cervical spine or knee) osteoarthritis、Rheumatoid arthritis、 Hernited intervertebral disc、 scoliosis、 Sequela of Orthopedic operation (joint contracture、muscle wasting)、Sequela of polio、AS
Neurological system limb numbness、 Carpal tunnel syndrome、 Facial palsy、Dropped foot、 DroppedHand、 Hemiplegia 、 Quadriplegia、 Parkinsonism 、 Stroke 、Spinal cord injury、 Brain tumor post operation 、 Sequela of brain trauma or infection 
Pediatric physical therapy Cerebral palsy、 Torticolis 、 Toe in 、Toe out、Flat foot、Genu valgus、 scoliosis
other rehabilitation Asthma、COPD、CAD、cardiopulmonary rehabilitation、 Cancer rehabilitation  、DM
Occupational therapy
Service  Functional occupational therapy  and activities of daily living training
Speech therapy
Service Aphasia, Apraxia of speech, autism, delayed language, dysarthria
Nerve conduction study & electromyography
peripheral never neuropathy or injury, myopathy,  polyneuropathy
Sonography of Muscle and skeleton
Imaing of muscle and muscle structure and  sonographic-guided joint aspiration

Fitness Examination

Examination of cardiopulmonary fitness, flexibility and endurance.
Transferring to sychologic therapy, and social worker, and  certification for application of orthosis  and wheelchair
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