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The Department, to attain its missions and goal of providing humane nursing case of high quality to patients, will in the future focus more on the following areas in the feature:

Goals of Midterm Development (five-year plans) of Nursing Department

1.     To develop and carry out the humanistic nursing care model, pay attention to physical, mental, social, spiritual, and cultural differences of individual patients, and provide holistic and continuous nursing care.

2.     To build criteria of personnel assignment in accordance with the activity-based costing research plans.

3.     To advocate computerized nursing care practice continuously, and establish complete systems of nursing informatics.

4.     To build a model of the quality monitor in middle level of quality management, and perform the quality of care based on the evaluation of patient outcomes.

5.     To actively develop the system of nurse ladders based on professional abilities in clinical practice through complete training and education programs, reinoforce the roles and functions of nurses, and cultivate the specialized nurses in different areas.

6.     To actively cultivate nurses abilities in writing and research to facilitate the application of academic research and clinical practice and promote the standards and functions in clinical nursing service.

7.     To continuously develop and perform the management of clinical pathways in accordance with the policies of national health insurance, make full use of clinical resources, and develop the function of costing monitor to improve the quality of care in clinical caregiving practice.