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         The Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH), a medical center and under the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of China, which has the dual task of military and medical care. The TSGH is responsible to clinical care, teaching and research as a teaching hospital of the National Defense Medical Center. Our mission is to benefit the military personnel, their families and civilians with the best medical service. In order to achieve the missions, our hospital not only provides the highest quality medical services but also devotes to military and disaster medicine. All the former superintendents of the TSGH have ever created successes for the past few years. Our former superintendents built the first positron emission tomography (PET) center and the first Da Vinci robotic system in Taiwan, completed Asia’s first successful heart transplant for dextrocardia transplantation surgery, and accredited to the medical center by hospital accreditation and teaching hospital accreditation of the Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT). They won the first prize of the 14th Global Views Five-Star Service Award, the 13th Innovation in Taiwan Awards, and the 21st Archimedes International Invention Exhibition Award. They also made great efforts to award many certificates of Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) by Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry (IBMI) in Taiwan. In addition, the burned patients from the water park dust explosion of hospital admissions in the TSGH were all cured and resulted in zero mortality in 2015. The greatest achievement of zero mortality has been recognized by numerous of international medical experts.

         TSGH is continually improving with care, quality, discipline, and innovation. They are TSGH’s core values. At TSGH, it means that we are very enthusiastic about actively taking care of patient. We are at pains to improve quality. We are amenable to discipline seriously. And we are bold but cautious for keeping spirit of innovation. We also persist in providing moving medical services that let the TSGH become the warmest medical center. The TSGH recruit talented people constantly for continuous innovation. In order to carry out military task, the TSGH plays an important role in medical service, teaching, and research for serving as the biggest backup of the military hospitals. We will do our best to be a leader of military hospitals. Hence, we will focus on national military and disaster medicine in order to connect Taiwan to global networks. To encourage ourselves have the faith of treat patients as family, treat patients as teacher, treat patients as friend of patient‐centered care. As just mentioned, the TSGH provides the military personnel, their families and civilians with the best medical service. Let them feel the warm TSGH, the wholehearted TSGH, the innovative TSGH, and the international TSGH in the end.


April 1st, 2018

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