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         Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH) is the one and only military medical center under Medical Affairs Bureau (MAB), Ministry of National Defense (MND) and has been tasked with a dual mandate by MND and MAB to execute military medical missions and provide healthcare services to patients under its care. As the teaching hospital of National Defense Medical Center (NDMC), TSGH also plays multiple and critical roles in clinical healthcare, medical teaching, and medical R&D. Guided by the mandate of “Providing healthcare of the highest quality to service members, their dependents, and civilians”, TSGH also shoulders responsibilities in executing critical missions of military medicine and disaster medicine.

         I am honored to assume the superintendentship of TSGH on August 1st, 2020 and well aware of the tremendous responsibilities brought upon me with this new assignment. Under leadership of ex-superintendents and senior leaders of the only military medical center in Taiwan, TSGH has achieved many accomplishments in the past: establishing the first positron emission tomography (PET) scan center in Taiwan; being ranked one of the three leading medical institutions having cooperation and collaboration relationship with Academia Sinica (National Taiwan University Hospital-NTUH, Taipei Veterans General Hospital-TVGH, and Tri-Service General Hospital-TSGH); instituting the first cell therapy center approved by Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) in Taiwan; wining the grand award of “the 14th Five-Star Service Award” for hospitals bestowed by the Global Vision Magazine in 2016; winning numerous “National Innovation Awards” bestowed by Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy (RBMP); clinching multiple awards bestowed by the Moscow International Inventions and Innovative Technology Salon (ARCHIMEDES AWARD); and winning countless Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) awards and certifications. In the not-too-distant past, healthcare outcomes and quality delivered by TSGH medical teams have earned broad recognition and praise from international medical communities when responding to the Formosa Fun Park dust explosion mass casualty incident in New Taipei City in June 2015, receiving and caring 65 critical burn patients with a remarkable record of achieving zero fatality rate for all patients received and hospitalized.

         Guided by the core values of “Compassion, Quality, Discipline, and Innovation”, TSGH will continue to grow and improve in providing healthcare services, achieving proactive compassionate care with enthusiasm; improving quality of care with attentiveness; maintaining healthcare discipline with resolute determination; and fostering innovation spirit with prudence and audacity. TSGH medical teams will continue to provide wholehearted healthcare services to safeguard physical and mental well-being of service members and ensure the fighting strength of Taiwan’s armed forces. Together with all other armed forces hospitals, TSGH aims to establish its foothold to be one of the best medical centers in Taiwan while broaden its horizon to become globally recognized and internationally connected, making TSGH the hospital of choice for military and civilian stakeholders and fulfilling its vision of becoming a center of medical excellence of international caliber.


August 1st, 2020