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Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH) is a military medical center under the command of Ministry of National Defense. TSGH is tasked with “providing healthcare services of the highest quality to uniformed service members, their dependents, and civilians”. When Taiwan is faced with threat of severe infectious diseases, TSGH once again takes the lead and be the first to answer to the call of duty, fighting epidemics in the frontline and protecting people under its care. Guided by prior superintendents and senior leaders over the past years, TSGH has achieved many outstanding accomplishments centering on healthcare services as well as medical education and R&D. TSGH medical teams have recently won Gold and Bronze awards in the 24th National Biotechnology and Medicine Care Quality Awards; 13 awards in the Symbol of National Quality Awards (SNQ); 4 awards in the 18th National Innovation Awards; Golden Awards of Health Hospital Certificate 2.0 certification; two Gold awards in the 12th International Innovation and Invention Competition (IIIC); 21 awards in the 25th Symbol of National Quality Awards (SNQ); three in the 19th National Innovation Awards; and the Gold award for Smart Medicine in the National Biotechnology and Medicine Care Quality Awards bestowed by the Joint Commission of Taiwan, to name just a few. TSGH medical teams’ healthcare capabilities have been highly regarded by all sectors in Taiwan.


With support rendered by leaders and experts from all sectors, TSGH will continue to hold on to its core values of “caring, quality, discipline, and innovation” to ensure the fighting strength of Taiwan armed forces and at the same time fulfil its social responsibility. Supported by steadfast implementation of a three-prong strategy of “establishing a firm foothold in Taiwan”, “expanding global vision and footprint”, and “connecting with international medical communities”, TSGH aims to be the hospital of choice for military and civilian populations under its care and at the same time center of medical excellence of international caliber.


As Superintendent, I inspire all staffs to maintain TSGH's spirits of “compassionate and proactive care, wholehearted and persistent pursuit of quality improvement, maintenance of discipline with resolute determination", and “daring yet delicate innovation” so as to dedicate themselves to fulfilling patient-centered medical care and pursuing advancement of medical techniques in the post-covid era. I also call on all hospital staffs, with their endeavor and dedication, to help TSGH attain even more accomplishments and achievements and become the strong backing in national military medicine preparedness and the resilient shield of disaster medicine in Taiwan.


March 1, 2023