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* Armed Forces Songshan Hospital was activated in Nanking on Dec. 1, 1945.


* Armed Forces Songshan Hospital was removed to Lan-Chou Street, Taipei, on Jan. 20, 1949 and entitled the Taipei Air Force Hospital.


  On April 1, 1958, it was expanded and redesigned the Air Force General Hospital and relocated on Nov. 1, 1958, to its present site.


  In order to improve the medical facilities and activities of the hospital thoroughly, it was reconstructed in 1980 to its present form and was named Armed Forces Songshan Hospital.



We located at intersection of Guang-Fu N. Rd. and Jian-Kaug Rd. With an area of 26,251 square feet, that includes the main building, No. 6 Wards, No.9 Wards, dormitories, storage, nutrition room, restaurant, and etc.

This hospital is an emergency medical center of Taipei medical team and this is also a「Regional Education Hospital」. Our missions not only provide services to general people, but also provide that to anyone of Armed Forces.

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