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Superintendent's Remark


The great ship of time keeps turning. Since the founding of our hospital in Nanjing in the 34th year of the Republic of China and its temporary residence in Lanzhou Street, Taipei, after moving to Taiwan, we have been working hard for 75 years. Our hospital, formerly known as the "Fourth Air Force Hospital", "Taipei Air Force Hospital", "Air Force General Hospital", "National Army 807 General Hospital", and "National Army Songshan (General) Hospital", has made concrete contributions to the military medical care and public health promotion under the painstaking accomplishments and dedication of our predecessors, despite the baptism of organizational changes and major tasks.

Since I was appointed to take over as president on August 1, 109, I have asked colleagues to treat patients as relatives in the spirit of "care, service, innovation and trust", so as to achieve the vision of "becoming the guardian of military and civilian health in Taipei". In recent years, under the guidance of the Military Medical Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense, a new aviation medical building has been planned and built, which is expected to bring glory to the hospital. It will be equipped with the aviation medical department and high-level health examination center, emergency room, intensive care center, surgery room, acute general ward and central supply room and other operating spaces, presenting a new medical style, hoping to integrate cross departmental medical consultation and provide full person care services; In addition, the hospital will cooperate with the government's long-term care 2.0 policy to properly plan and expand chronic medical care. At the same time, based on the provision of high-quality medical services for Chinese military officers and soldiers, the mission of "strengthening the military and defending the country" was achieved, and medical care for Chinese military aircrews was strengthened, aviation medical research was refined, and aviation medical efficiency was improved to ensure our air defense capabilities.

Looking forward to the future, the hospital is about to enter another new milestone. In addition to improving the medical professional level and purchasing advanced medical equipment, it will also take sincere care of the service enthusiasm, take patients as the center, adhere to the purpose of "respecting life, whole person service, disease safety first, flight safety first", establish a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients with good and unhindered communication, continue human care and care, and create a safe and high-quality environment, Continue to protect the health of the national army and the people.


Wish you good health and family peace

Dean Jenq Shyong Chan October 1, 2023