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Message From The Superintendent


It is a privilege for me to be the superintendent of Beitou Branch, Tri-Service General Hospital in Taiwan. Since Aug 2017, shouldering the expectations and responsibilities of military personnel alongside the local community Island wide, we are continuing to extend our military and community psychiatry services and inter-hospital cooperation. Taking advantage of medical resources of medical centers, our visions are to be a hospital of : 1. Military mental health center. 2. Military suicide prevention center 3. Community and home-based mental health provider, 4. Holistic spiritual mentor.

Nevertheless, we are insisted and proud with our high-quality services all the time. We expect to build a patient-center and the-Whole-Person mental health center in the future. All our members keep doing their best to accomplish various medical service qualification criteria in order to establish a New-Beitou, New-Atmosphere, and New-Inspiration future.

August 1st 2017

Szu-Nian Yang Col.

Superintendent of Beitou Branch, Tri-Service General Hospital Taiwan