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About us

Owing to increasing variety of psychiatry services, we keep upgrading our service in a holistic view as essential. We also aim to accomplish a real Whole-Person Whole-Safety level by emphasizing a bio-psycho-social treatment to the harmony between body and spirit.


Acting director: Dr.KAI-REN ZHENG 

Attending physician: Dr.YONG-FU WUDr.YU-CHEN WANG 

Resident doctor: Dr.HUEI-YING ZOU 

with psychiatry nurses, psychologists, social workers, and occupation therapists provide professional health services


1.Besides general psychiatry diagnoses and therapies, we also provide examinations and treatments of neurosis, psychosomatic illness, OCD, parasympathetic pathology.

2.Hospitalizations for patients with thought disturbance, delusion, bipolar disorder, depression. Short-term hospitalization for patient comorbid with minor mental impairment, like, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, panic mal-adjustment.

3.Our professional team provide therapies of parasympathetic re-adjustment, bio-feedback, acute stress relief consult, short- and long-term psychotherapy, and family therapy.




Besides quality promotion of existing services, we are to import some state-of-the-art equipment, e.g., polysomnography, attention analysis to evident the effectiveness of our therapies. We also plan to integrate mental health customers from community and commercial with our experiences in early screening and management educations in this field.


TEL: 886-2-8959808 #603035

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