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Mental disorders of the silver-haired family include insomnia, anxiety, mood disorders, dementia or mental illness. Moreover, as the population ages, the mental health care required by these elders is also growing. In view of this, the undergraduate treatment team includes doctors, nurses, psychologists, functional therapists and social workers, providing a variety of and comprehensive services for the silver-haired people.


Acting director: Dr.JHIH-SONG LIANG 

Attending physician: Dr.JHIH-JIE ZENG  

with psychiatry nurses, psychologists, social workers, and occupation therapists provide professional health services


Mental health service

Undergraduate provides detailed examination and thorough treatment and perfect care and consultation, service items:

(1) Treatment of sleep disorders

(2) Treatment of mood disorders

(3) Assessment and treatment of dementia




Mental health care is one of the three major priorities of medical care in the 21st century. Looking forward to the future, the undergraduate program will combine community mental health care and actively enter the to provide better and wider services for the Yinfa Group.


TEL: 02-28959808#603038

E-Mail: weinavy@ms22.hinet.net

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