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It is not common to have neurology specialists in mental hospitals. Thank to Dr. Shin-Ming Lee (the current superintendent of Taoyuan Psychiatry Center Ministry of Health and Welfare) who is also a neurologist established Neuropsychiatry department in this hospital many years ago. Our services and facilities are flourished by following leaders, Dr. Wen-Guay Lee, Dr. Ming-Quen Chuo. We also engaged in the development of new specialists from resident doctor training.


Director: Dr.PEI-SHEN HE 

Attending physician: Dr.REN-HAO CHEN 

Post-doctor fellow: Dr.LIAN-CHENG GAO 


We provide thorough examinations, state-of-the-art treatments and professional consultation, including:

  1. Electroencephalograph (EEG)
  2. Neurology clinic
  3. Neurology consultation for inpatients
  4. General psychiatry services




Mental health has been one of tree essential medicines in twenty first century. We all the time dedicate to the amelioration of neurosis and future application of heart rate variability. Otherwise, we also engage ourselves in “parasympathetic imbalance syndrome”, especially in the fields of prevention.


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