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About us

We provide variety of clinic diagnosis and treatment with our professional experience and knowledge, as well as mental hygiene education programs. We also engaged in drug cession programs in Shin-Dian drug abuser treatment center and HIV/AIDS management programs under the supervision of government.  


Director: Dr.JIA-HAN PENG 

Attending physician:Dr.HAO-MING YANG 

Post-doctor fellow:Dr.SHIH-JIE GU 

Resident doctor:Dr.TAI-YU CHEN 

With some other psychiatry nurses, psychologists, social workers, and occupation therapists as a team provide professional services.


We provide thorough examinations and treatments and consultation about:

1.      Addiction of heroin, amphetamine, ketamine, and others

2.      Addiction of alcohol(apply Antabuse pill)

3.      Methadone maintenance therapy

4.      Personal psychotherapy and group therapy for abuser

5.      Addiction clinic

6.      Addiction hospitalization

7.      Drug screening and prevention education.


We have isolated drug cession ward and independent teams of addiction therapy.


1. Cooperating with military psychiatrists, we attend drug prevention programs all through troops and organization in military every year.

2. Cooperating with government, we provide drug cession program and hospitalization according to local regulations and laws.

3. Attending Addiction Psychiatry Association and keeping updating our knowledge to become a qualified addition psychiatry subspecialty training hospital in the near future. 

4. Attending local programs for alcoholism, domestic violence prevention.

5. Engaging in programs in Shin-Dien Drug Abuser Prevention Center.

6. To be a Military Addiction Management Center, we continue integrating relevant resources in military and veteran populations.


TEL: (02)28959808 #603042

E-Mail: jacky640117@yahoo.com.tw

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