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About us

We mainly provide: Social resources development and integration, psychosocial assistant, patient-family cohesion, life- and social- adaptation, promotion of legal rights of psychiatry patients and their families.

These years we also focus on the treatments and managements relevant to military psychiatry, domestic violence, sexual harassment, drug/alcohol addiction and problems of children and adolescents. 


We have one director and seven other professional social workers.


1.Psycho-social psychopathology diagnosis and treatment

2.Family and marriage therapy

3.Patient group psychotherapy

4.Family mental illness education

5.Medical welfare introduction and services

6.Consultaton and referral of local welfare services

7.Social resources integration

8. Military medical discharge consultation.

9. Volunteers management

10.Family consultation group

11.Summer camp internship

We have public relation room, social work room, volunteer office and storage room. There are many social work therapy rooms in wards also.




Involving social activity, Integrating social resources, developing professional services.


TEL: (02) 28935863 & 28948580

E-Mail: SW8182015@gmail.com

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