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About us

We all knowledgeable and professional qualified clinic psychologists provide variety of services about human being, like daily clinic, hospitalization, various psychotherapy styles, interpersonal relationship managements, and life-hacker group, as well as mental health education programs.


We have ten qualified clinic psychologists, including one director and one part-time employee. We are all qualified clinic teachers also.


We provide services as following:

1.      Psychological assessment

2.      Psychotherapy

3.      Group psychotherapy

4.      Psychological consultation

5.      Consultation for psychopathology

6.      Bio-feedback therapy

7.      Internship and clerkship of graduate/ under-graduate students


We have plenty of assessment rooms, therapeutic rooms and one group bio-feedback room in wards. We also have a variety of assessment instruments and bio-feedback devices at hand.  


Enhance mental and physical health of our military and civilian populations.


TEL: 02-2896870002-28959808 #603057 #603058

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