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About us


We was originally noted as Department of Medical Equipment before July 1999. Now, we are affiliated to Tri-Service General Hospital, Taiwan since Jan. 2013.


We have fourteen professional clinic pharmacists at your services.


I. Pharmacy service:

1.Medicine dispensation, education, and instruction

2.Drug-drug interaction and complication evaluation

3.Methadone substitution therapy

4.Ward-visit medication evaluation

5.Theraputic drug monitoring (TDM)

6.Drug use evaluation (DUE)

7.Adverse event and medical error monitoring

8.Prescription drug dictionary

9.Anti-virus medication dispensation (under national epidemic outbreak)

II. Medical equipment management

1.      Pharmacy committee

2.      Medical equipment purchasing

3.      Warehouse management

4.      Controlled drug management

5.      Medicine information digitalization

6.      Personal protective equipment management

7.      War reserve medicine management


Automatic drug dispensing machine, Automatic deblister machine, Medicine counting machine, Drug storage refrigerator


We provide a safety, thoughtfulness, efficiency of pharmaceutics treatment.


Pharmacy consultation : 02-28959808 #603136 #603073

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