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About us

We provide rehabilitation training of psychiatry patients with goal-directed activities. Occupation therapy is not merely a treatment, but symptom stabilizer, a relapse preventer, and a career reformer. We also provide pre-occupational evaluation, training and supportive job opportunity as well as environment reform before patient terminate their hospitalization. We hope the role we play can promote the life quality of our patients and their families especially in the face of stiff competition in unpredictable society.


We have one director, eleven occupation therapists, three sheltered workshop assistants, one technic assistant. Since Dec 2008 Beitou Geothermal Valley Shop began on services and now has twenty employee including two part-time workers.


1.Occupation ability evaluation

2.Occupation therapy group

3.Hospitalized occupation training

4.Sheltered job services

5.Supportive job services

6.Job assessment

7.Local mental health lecture

8.Internship for clinic occupation therapy




1. Enhancement of spiritual occupational rehabilitation in both military and civilian populations

2. New local occupation workshops

3. More sheltered occupation programs


TEL: 02-28959808 #603551

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