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Outpatient Time


Early diagnosis

(Monday to Saturday)


(Monday to Friday)

Night consultation

(Monday to Friday)

  First registration




On-site registration








Visit time




Refund insurance card

Monday to Saturday, at the registration time to the registration room

For patients who have signed up for registration, please go to the clinic before the deadline for registration.  



Second, medical attention:


1. Please show your coupons when you register, so as not to affect your rights and interests, you can also speed up the registration of registered personnel.


2. On-site appointment registration, appointment with the doctor on the day of the outpatient visit.


3. If you are unable to come to the hospital after making an appointment, please cancel it by phone one day before, if there are three times in six months.

  Those who have not arrived at the clinic will be reopened after the first record has been recorded for more than half a year.


4. The newly diagnosed patient should fill in the initial medical information form and complete the procedure at the registration desk half an hour before the consultation time.


5. After the registration procedure is complete, refer to the scheduled consultation time to the consultation room according to the serial number. If the serial number has passed, please inform

  The nurse arranged for the number to see the doctor.


6. After the consultation, pay the registration fee and other fees. If you need to take the medicine, please check the prescription and check the prescription.

  At the time of consultation, if the number of patients is more than the number of consultations, the end time of each item will be extended.


7. The doctor will temporarily take a leave of absence, and the doctor will have a late arrival, and the announcement of each clinic will prevail.


8. If you apply for various types of certificates, please be sure to bring your ID card. If you are not related, you must bring another power of attorney.


9. For those who are insured as insurance, please be sure to bring your ID card and insurance certificate. Please submit the ID card to the nurse for medical records.


10. The receipt of this hospital can be declared to offset the comprehensive income tax.



Three appointment registration method:


 1. Telephone voice reservation registration please dial 02-28934436


 2. Network appointment registration


 3. There is an automatic registration machine at the clinic of our hospital.


 4. Or call the hospital outpatient service by registered personnel to serve you



Four service calls and the website of the hospital:

  Outpatient telephone: (02) 2893-2743 or (02) 2893-5869

  Family medicine clinic: (02) 2893-5865 extension 12 or (02) 2893-5869 extension 12

  Emergency telephone: (02) 2895-9808 ~ 9 extension 603103 ~ 5

  Psychiatric Emergency Medical Network: (02) 2895-7633

  Inpatient department switchboard: (02) 2895-9808 ~ 9

  Drug consultation: (02) 2895-9808 ext. 603073

  Counseling: (02) 2896-8700 or (02) 2895-9808 ext. 603057

  Nutrition consultation: (02) 2895-9808 ext. 603026

  Psychiatric consultation: (02) 2893-5863

  The website of the hospital: https://beitou.tsgh.ndmctsgh.edu.tw/


The Third Military General Hospital Beitou Branch

Identification category

Secondary project

Recommended physician

Physical and mental disorder


Mainly for children and adolescent psychiatrists, the hospital is currently Dr.LI-GUANG YANG , Dr.YUE-MING DAI , Dr.KAI-REN ZHENG and Dr.HUEI-NIAN YANG.

Smart barrier

All Doctors


All Doctors

Chronic psychosis

(including schizophrenia, affective psychosis, delusional disease, mental state of senile and aging, other organic psychotic states, other non-organic psychotic states, and mental illnesses originating from childhood)

All Doctors

Major injury

Chronic psychosis

(elastic and morbidity, subacute sputum, other organic psychosis, schizophrenia, affective psychosis, delusional state, mental illness derived from childhood)

All Doctors

Children with autism, disintegrating psychosis, other mental illnesses that originate in childhood, and other mental illnesses that are not explicitly expressed in childhood

Mainly for children and adolescent psychiatrists, the hospital is currently Dr.LI-GUANG YANG , Dr.YUE-MING DAI , Dr.KAI-REN ZHENG and Dr.HUEI-NIAN YANG.

Labor insurance disability payment

Spiritual class

All Doctors

National Physical and Mental Disorders Pension

Please refer to the category of physical and mental impairment

All Doctors

Apply for employment of foreign care

Please refer to the category of physical and mental impairment

All Doctors