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Photo caption: The hospital was awarded the “106 Annual Medical Safety Supervision and Evaluation Special Hospital” by the Taipei Municipal Health Bureau. The Dean, Colonel Yang Sinian, personally attended the award. The hospital is committed to improving the quality of medical care and expects to provide better services for patients and their families. With care.

The focus of this issue:

[Special Report]: "The Three-Army General Hospital Beitou Branch 107 Years of Visiting Activities", "The School of Nursing Campus Recruitment Activities"

[Introduction of physicians in this hospital]: Dr. Li Tianwei, Dr. Yang Yuming.

[promotional matters]

According to the regulations on smoke prevention and control, the indoor and outdoor areas of this hospital are completely smoke-free. Please do not smoke in the hospital. Thank you for your cooperation! Smoking cessation line 28935869#12.

 National Army Suicide Control Center 24-hour service telephone 0800-395-995, there are psychiatric specialists, psychologists, social workers, and occupational therapists to serve you, please use more, the General Hospital of the Three Armies Beitou Branch cares about you!

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