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Caption: The College of Nursing, University of Toledo, Ohio, USA visited the hospital on May 3, 107.

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[Special report]: "When baby is sick, who should I blame", "The School of Nursing at the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA


[Introduction of physicians in this hospital]: Dr. Wang Yuxi, Dr. Liu Weiwei.

[promotional matters]

This hospital is a smoke-free Penang Hospital. The whole area is completely banned from betel nuts. Please do not smoke in the hospital. Thank you for your cooperation!

Smoking cessation line 28935869#12.

 National Army Suicide Control Center 24-hour service telephone 0800-395-995, there are psychiatric specialists, psychologists, social workers, and occupational therapists to serve you, please use more, the General Hospital of the Three Armies Beitou Branch cares about you!


Visit to the School of Nursing, University of Toledo, Ohio, USA

Chen Huixia, deputy dean of the School of Nursing, University of Toledo, Ohio, USA, led the team to visit the hospital's hot spring medical care, rehabilitation center, historic site healing and other mental medical measures and practices on May 3, 107, the dean of the hospital, Colonel Yang Sinian Leading nursing officers and other important cadres to accompany them, and implementing opinions on the patient's medical plan and rehabilitation results after the visit, both sides have benefited a lot, and said that they will strengthen mutual interaction in the future to strengthen hospital care and rehabilitation. And other related practices.

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