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The Ministry of National Defense Military Medical Administration handles the National Military Hospital 107 Annual procurement business lectures

 On May 18, 107, the Military Medical Administration of the Ministry of National Defense handled the "National Military Hospital 107 Annual Purchasing Business Seminar" at the Third Military General Hospital Beitou Branch of the National Defense Medical College. The National Defense Medical College, the Institute of Preventive Medicine, the Medical Department of the Ministry of National Defense, and the National A total of 131 members of the 14-unit procurement business, including the Military Hospital and the Sanjun Eisai Supply Office, participated.

The lecture was co-chaired by Li Wei, deputy director of the Pharmaceutical Administration of the Military Medical Administration and deputy dean of the Beitou Branch. The subject of the course was scheduled for the actual procurement operations of each unit. Specially invited the Public Works Committee of the Executive Yuan, Shen Hengguang, Zheng Zhiwei The Secretary, the Liberation Office of the Ministry of National Defense, Lieutenant Colonel Wu Zheyi, etc., respectively, "How to deal with the bidding, review, and disputes", "The matters needing attention and error in the handling of procurement selection by the authorities", and the "Criminal of the Government Procurement Law" Four subjects, such as Legal Liability and "Unsatisfied Amount Purchase Strategy", are taught.

Shen Hengguang Technology is teaching “How to deal with bidding, review and disputes”. It explains the common problems of procurement personnel in all stages of procurement, and proposes to discuss with them. Secretary Zhang Zhiwei’s matters needing attention and errors in handling procurement selection cases "Introduction" introduces the most favorable operating principles, compares the most favorable criteria, the most favorable criteria for reference, and the difference between the most favorable criteria, and the matters that should be noted when the authorities handle the most favorable targets, and explain in detail the common misconceptions; The legal responsibility for the criminal law of the parties to the Government Procurement Law is based on actual cases. The application of the bidding method for the purchase of the amount of money was also introduced. In addition, the applicable conditions for publicly obtaining the electronic quotation were introduced, which could be used flexibly by all purchasing personnel, and the participants benefited a lot.

Finally, the long-term participation of the staff of the Department of Pharmaceutical Affairs, Mr. Lu, through the procurement business, enabled participants to improve the correct understanding of procurement regulations, and to do the work according to various regulations, improve procurement efficiency and reduce the lack of hygiene, and effectively support medical care. Homework is performed.


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