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Personal protective equipment profile and educational training 

 The staff of the medical (institution) organization should strengthen the concept of work risk assessment, and select appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) according to the nature of the work content and the path of infection of the pathogen. Therefore, the purpose of this recommendation is to introduce the basic concepts of the use of personal protective equipment. It is not specific to a specific disease, nor does it consider the special situation in which the original disposable protective equipment such as N95 masks need to be reused when the quarantine materials are lacking.

When following the guidelines for the prevention of transmission routes, you must pay attention to:

Proper use of personal protective equipment to protect yourself from safety, environmental pollution, or other infections. Minimize the adverse effects that protective measures may have on patients (eg, anxiety, depression, and other depressed conditions, feeling insulted, reduced) Contact with clinical staff to increase the occurrence of preventable adverse events...) Medical operations are rampant.


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