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Photo caption: Congratulations to the hospital's award of the "106 Year Career Rehabilitation Service Excellence Agency" by the Taipei City Government. The director of the Department of Functional Therapy Cui Hongyi (right) will accept the trophy from Deputy Mayor Deng Jiaji (left).

The focus of this issue:

[Special Report]: "106 Year Career Rehabilitation Service Excellence", "Pressure Life, Dynamic Balance"

[Introduction of physicians in this hospital]: Dr. Huang Renhong, Dr. Yang Liguang.

[promotional matters]

According to the regulations on smoke prevention and control, the indoor and outdoor areas of this hospital are completely smoke-free. Please do not smoke in the hospital. Thank you for your cooperation! Ring

Tobacco line 28935869#12.

National Army Suicide Control Center 24-hour hotline service telephone 0800-395-995, with psychiatric specialists, psychologists, social workers,

And the professional doctor to serve you, please use more, the General Hospital of the Three Armies Beitou Branch cares about you!


Congratulations to the hospital for winning the "106 Year Career Rehabilitation Service Excellence Agency" by the Taipei City Government

The Taipei City Government Labor Bureau affirmed all the professionals and service organizations dedicated to the work of the physically and mentally handicapped, and praised the excellent disabled workers, the quality enterprises that used the disabled, and the evaluation of the excellent sheltered workshops, especially in November 2006. On the 25th, we handled the "2006 Excellent Workers, Employment and Professional Rehabilitation Organizations and Personnel Recognition Conference".

In the "Geothermal Valley Small Shop Shelter Workshop" and "Sanjun General Hospital Beitou Branch Attached to Shelter Workshop", in the service performance and index achievement rate project, the performance was well received by the appraisal committee, and they were awarded excellent results. . The hospital has been working hard in the field of “career reconstruction” and continues to assist patients with physical and mental disabilities to return to the workplace and regain self-confidence. In the future, the hospital will continue to promote the rehabilitation of patients.

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