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Dear Keelung residents:
  Keelong Naval hospital had withdrew the medical service from November 2004, According to all residents and soldiers medical service at this area, Ministry of National Defense had re-organized and rename the hospital to“Tri-Service General Hospital Keelung Civilian Administration Division”. We hope we can continually renovate and improves the hospital facility and environment without interrupt the medical service.

  We will provided the highest medical service like medical center after renovation. Now, we have outpatient, inpatient and emergency medical service. Because we have highly professional physicians come from Tri-Service General Hospital, so we could increase the efficiency and specific at disease diagnose for outpatient service, add the ability on emergency medical service at this area. We could focus on chronic illness convalesce on inpatient service base on our quiet, beautiful and the comfortable environment merit, could promote medical quality. And we will follow the our vision “Care, Quality, Discipline and Innovation” , to protecting the Keelong area populace health.