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Title:"2019 Global Clinical Trial Training Course" Ends Successfully
Published day:2019/7/10


The Clinical Trial Center and Innovation Breeding Center of the Three Armies General Hospital held the "2019 Global Clinical Trial Training Class" on the afternoon of August 30, 2019. The clinical trial was the last step of the new drug market, and participated in the transnational clinical trial. Providing opportunities for clinical patients to receive new drug and new technology treatment, and actively promoting Taiwan medical professionals to cooperate with the international community to create win-win.

The General Hospital of the Three Armies is one of the clinical trial bases for the development of new drugs in Taiwan. The government has listed medical biotechnology as a key development industry. In order to cultivate new clinical trial hosts and teams in the hospital, the practical ability of performing clinical trials will be improved. Specially invited senior experts in the industry, Mr. Cheng Renhui, Director of Strategic Solution Department of Asia Pacific, and Guo Liting, Clinical Research Manager of Jiasheng Technology Consulting Co., Ltd., gave lectures on how to cooperate with Global CRO to speed up clinical trials. And carry out > and <clinical trial specifications - from project submission to trial execution to common problems and management>.

In the course, the lecturer provides the international implementation status and the most practical information, and combines the latest domestic and international regulations to ensure that the trial host is in the process of implementation, the safety of the subjects and the quality of the test can meet the focus of the review specification. The hours of rich and practical content benefited the participants and the pilot training course was a complete success.


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