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Title:The First Military General Hospital re-created the first case!
Published day:2019/9/10


The First Military General Hospital re-created the first case! Signed a contract with Kinetic Concepts Inc. (KCI), the global leader in wound treatment, to establish the Asia Pacific Wound Negative Pressure Treatment Center.

Taiwan's first wound care international medical cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region! On July 24th, 108th, the hospital held the “MOU Signing Ceremony of the Asia-Pacific Wound Negative Pressure Treatment Center” on the second floor of the West Back, and was represented by Dean Cai Jiansong, Director of Plastic Surgery, Dai Nianzhen, and the world's wound therapy leader Kinetic Concepts Inc. (KCI). Eileen Yi, general manager of Greater China and Southeast Asia, and Yuan Youlai, chairman of the board of Kinetic Concepts Inc. (KCI), signed a cooperation agreement.

Kinetic Concepts Inc. (KCI) actively promotes and establishes a wound treatment and care network in the Asia-Pacific region. This time, the company has established the Asia-Pacific Wound Negative Pressure Treatment Center in cooperation with the Three General Managers to promote international medical and industry-university exchanges with Taiwan as the center. work together. In the future, we will promote the treatment of wounds, improve the quality of wound care, promote international medical exchanges in the Asia-Pacific region, and promote the teaching and treatment of wound care and care, so that the three will become the standard for wound treatment and care in the Asia-Pacific region.

Dean Cai Jiansong pointed out that Taiwan's medical services and demand have been growing year by year, resulting in a health insurance burden. The government plans to revise the health care DRG 4.0 version to improve the quality of medical care, efficacy and service efficiency, and improve the patient care process. And management challenges, how to choose and adopt the most rapid and effective treatment tools to help wound healing, how to improve the quality of hospital treatment, how to shorten the length of hospital stay to reduce hospital operating costs and patient burden are all important issues in medical management. .

Dean Cai said that at present, the number of disabled people over 65 years old in Taiwan has reached 780,000. Among them, the number of potential chronic wounds such as diabetic foot, pressure sore, and peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD) has reached more than 200,000. Taiwan has entered an aging age. In society, the number of chronic wounds among residential patients and institutional residents will grow year by year. There are less than 3,000 professional home nurses in the country. The demand for home medical care is much larger than the number of home nurses, resulting in some service groups in the gray area. Qualified nursing staff) conducts home wound treatment and dressing services, which provides no guarantee for the medical quality provided by patients and is prone to medical disputes.

In order to promote the social welfare policy – ​​Long-term Care Decade Plan 2.0, we will work with Kinetic Concepts Inc. (KCI) to carry out a continuation treatment plan for patients with chronic wounds after discharge. We will help the disease with legal and professional medical services in the future. Suffering, so that family members and caregivers can really reduce the burden.


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