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The 69th Anniversary Celebration of the Third Military General Hospital Beitou Branch This year, the hospital will handle the 69th Anniversary Celebration. Specially invites the Director of the Military Medical Bureau, Director Chen, the Chief of the Third Military General Hospital, Cai, the Director of the Department of Health and Welfare, and the Director of the Taoyuan Sanatorium. The former president, Zhang Min, and other distinguished guests celebrated the hospital celebration together. The ceremony was held in the form of a garden tour, and the Taiyuan team of the Taoyuan Sanatorium and the functional treatment department of the hospital were invited to perform.

First of all, the dean of the hospital, Colonel Yang Sinian, gave a speech saying that the hospital was established on February 27, 1989. After many deans, the president has opened up the territory. Under the long-term planning, there will be achievements today, and the future will be consistent. The spirit and perseverance, and continue to promote mental health-related services, more planning to open a new outpatient center in Beitou, Banqiao area to set up a service base to serve more soldiers and people.

During the meeting, Director Chen and the former Dean of the Military Medical Bureau, Mr. Zhang Min, delivered speeches respectively, and expressed their affirmation for the performance of the hospital. They will fully support the various business developments of the hospital to move towards a brighter future.


The hospital cooperated with the expiration of the service and the service senior staff rewards. Among them, Ms. Wang Rongrui, who has served in the hospital for more than 30 years, has contributed a lot to the hospital. The dean personally presented the commemorative card and bonus. In recognition of Ms. Wang’s contribution to the hospital for many years (right).



Disease Education: Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Dr. Li Tianqi is a disease of the body and mind. Patients are often reluctant to go to the physical and mental department. According to the literature published by the Australian scholar Castle et al in 2006, the prevalence of body sputum is estimated to be about 0.7% to 2.3%. . However, because such patients often seek non-psychiatric care, only a portion of them will see a psychiatric clinic, so the prevalence rate is easily underestimated. In some specific institutions, such as the dermatology or orthopedic departments, there is a high prevalence rate of about 6% to 15%. In terms of gender, the ratio of male to female is not much different. In the age group of the onset, part of it is in the early stage of adolescence and adults, because the body is undergoing a great transformation during this period, and the feeling of the body is relatively sensitive.

The period of good onset is after menopause. Patients tend to pay too much attention to their body image and over-imagine micro-deficiencies, causing pain in life. According to Phillips et al., 200 cases of body scorpion disease were collected to measure differences between different genders. The results showed that the males were more concerned about the sex organs, muscle mass and hair volume. Conversely, women were more concerned about the weight, breasts, thighs and calves. However, these areas of concern also related to the individual's social culture. Background related.

The mechanism of body sputum disease is still unknown, and may be related to serotonin and dopamine system. There will be some compulsive behaviors in the case, such as repeated mirrors, excessive makeup and dressing, excessive diet or exercise. Even enema, self-harm, forcing yourself to look at some beauty or fashion magazines. Over time, personal self-esteem will be low, and some patients will become afraid to go out, affecting social and professional functions, and even social interaction anxiety. isolation. In terms of interpersonal relationships, there will also be inexplicable hostile attitudes towards others, especially to the opposite sex, and there is an urgent need to seek the affirmation of others, which has created problems in interpersonal relationships. The case will focus on small defects on the body, usually more than one part, and over time, may turn attention to other parts, and issue comorbidities such as depression, anxiety or panic.

Body phlegm is a chronic condition that affects the body, mind and life function of the patient. Usually, the patient will be obsessed with minor defects in the body. He cannot accept that he or she may have physical and mental illness. Usually, he will refuse psychiatric treatment at the beginning. They will repeatedly seek the assistance of orthopedics or dermatology, and this will not satisfy them. In 2001, Philips and others found that up to 76.4% of the 289 body sputum cases would seek non-spirituality. In the treatment of the department, 45.2% of the patients seeking dermatology treatment, 23.2% seeking plastic surgery, in addition to external medicine for dermatology, plastic surgery like nasal plastic surgery, liposuction, breast augmentation, etc., are common, although Can improve the appearance, but its psychological internal problems are still not solved. In fact, plastic surgery is not the best treatment, unless the patient feels satisfied, if the patient is not satisfied, they may seek more intense means or treatment, even Medical distrust leads to medical disputes. Therefore, timely referral of this type of patient to a psychiatrist to assess is a viable approach. The most effective treatment in terms of treatment is the combination of medication and cognitive behavioral therapy. In cognitive behavioral therapy, first assisting a case to understand its cognitive errors, deviations in thinking, can lead to emotional distress; or some misconceptions that make patients unable to face any embarrassment. At the same time, the training case distinguishes these problems, and gradually changes the thinking mode, stops the compulsive behavior and thinking, but the clinical signs change differently. If there are any related problems, it is recommended to seek professional body and mind team evaluation and treatment.

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