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Director Shen Junjie of Longan Branch of Taichung Hongen Hospital led the director of the Department of Nursing Lin Yuqian on April 10

Waiting for the visit to the hospital (left), the dean of the hospital, Colonel Yang Sinian personally received, and introduced the facilities and shelters of the hospital, the two sides also exchanged learning in the fields of psychotherapy and functional therapy. The two parties will be able to grow together and provide better services.


On March 21, 107, the Social Work Department of the Institute cooperated with the Taiwan Association of Social Work Professionals (CIF) to receive social workers from Austria to visit the hospital. Liu Suzhen, a social worker responsible for the drug addiction business, and Hu The social worker of the famous name shared practical experience and introduced the current situation and development of social health work in Taiwan. In addition, the exhibition shows the results of the rehearsal of the museum's historic sites. The student of Zhang surnamed as a commentator, guided the features of the museum in English and promoted international exchanges.

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