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Photo caption: The 107th Social Security Network Thanksgiving Tea Party of the Shilin District Office of the Taipei City Government will present a certificate of appreciation to the director of the Zhongqing Qinghui District to the Director of the hospital, Mr. Huang Yaojin and Zhang Huimin, who will recognize and thank the Dr. Huang and Zhang Jujia for long-term treatment. Caring for the community, effectively guarding the sick and vulnerable families in the Shilin area, and jointly building a social security network.


The focus of this issue:

[Special report]: "Talk about malocclusion"

[Introduction of physicians in this hospital]: Dr. Zeng Zhijie, Dr. Liang Zhiwei.

[promotional matters]

According to the regulations on smoke prevention and control, the indoor and outdoor areas of this hospital are completely smoke-free. Please do not smoke in the hospital. Thank you for your cooperation! Smoking cessation line 28935869#12.

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